Making boring exciting
Case Elastic

Many of us can say that we are very much connected with everyday technology, but the question is if we truly understand what they are? For example, how many of us could explain what the internet is? It is very hard for most of us to understand something that we cannot see or feel. There is no one to blame, it is just our nature.  Good news is, it still doesn’t mean that this kind of abstract technology cannot be understood at all.

AI Scanner – sounds very intelligent and technical. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been buzzwords within the financial industry for quite some time and their overall use as an essential tool in technology has become more popular. Both of the previously mentioned technologies are well utilized in the Bankify AI Scanner service. There is a lot of scanning technology used in expense management or reimbursement applications, but most of them still lack the much needed accuracy and user-friendliness.


“Bankify’s services have truly added value to our existing service and the continuous development process has been smooth.” – Niko Elomaa, CEO Mobify

First of all, one of the bottlenecks we have identified is that much of the scanning services themselves are not that appealing even to the most technologically oriented persons. To give more perspective on what we consider to be user friendly software for business and technology personnel alike – we recommend looking at what Stripe has done. Turning  services that have been considered to be very technical into approachable products and services is a key competitive advantage in the long run.

We have had the AI Scanner on our portfolio for a while now and even though it always gathered attention, we wanted to take it to the next level. How did we do that? By using innovative design techniques, we not just came up with new ideas, but were also able to tune existing ones according to the ever evolving fin-tech landscape.

We are big believers in the GV famous Design Sprint and our design team had been conducting these sprints with different clients over time. With Bankify’s Design Sprints, we solve different challenges and co-create new concepts, products and features with our clients.

We design our Design Sprints according to the client’s need and problem at hand. This time, we thought of using our own tricks internally to come up with new ideas, polish existing products and explore new opportunities. Shortening the usual five day sprint to a six hour sprint, spread over three days, we handpicked the most relevant tools and exercises. During the sprint we,

  • Got a deeper understanding of our problem,
  • Generated numerous ideas about new and existing products,
  • Identified clear and concrete areas of development,
  • Came up with initial concept sketches for each of these area

By the end of the sprint, we had a concrete and prioritized set of new product ideas, new versions of existing products and a well-defined plan of execution. And so, the AI Scanner became the Elastic Scanner, but the name is not the only thing that changed.

Elastic is human-friendly. Elastic is simple. Elastic is efficient, easy to integrate, beautiful to look at. Elastic is the developer’s best friend. The simple and minimalist demo makes it easy for everyone to take a peek at the workings of the scanner and the comprehensive documentation makes the developer’s life easy. Elastic has a simple website that serves the human on the other end all they need on a silver platter.