Customizable data-driven automated rules

Enable users to save or invest on autopilot with customizable data-driven rules

Why Bankify's Transaction Rules?

Automated rules allow users to save or invest with ease

Allow users to personalize the rules as they see fit

Make saving effortless and lower the barrier to do it regularly

Features your users want

Users can add multiple rules to a single goal and fully automate their savings & investments

Users can personalize the rules and link saving & investments to their spending behaviour

Choose from different kinds of rules


Set and forget

Users can set periodical rules to move money to a selected goal accordingly (e.g. each week on Monday)


Save as you spend

Users can save a certain amount with every purchase they make at selected merchants


Spare change

Users can save the spare change by rounding up each transaction

Income based

Portion of income

Users can move a portion of their income to savings or invest it as soon as it arrives

Financial products this service can be linked to

The Transaction Rules service can automate payments to and from numerous products, including:

Built with love for developers

Take a look at the API documentation for Transaction Rules and see how the service works.



Basic subscription
250 / month
  • Updates and technical support
  • 50c per monthly active user
  • Customization upon request
  • No monthly active users included


Basic subscription
750 / month
  • Including 1.5k monthly active users
  • Updates and technical support
  • 35c per each additional monthly active user
  • Customization upon request


Fully customised
Custom / month
  • Including custom amount of monthly active users
  • Updates and technical support
  • Customization upon request

Use cases built with this service

What will you build with this service?