Provide personalised tips and offers of financial products

Drive digital sales with data-driven recommendations that match your customers’ goals and affordability

Why Bankify's Financial Recommendations?

Bring more visibility to your products and partners

Increase revenues by up/cross selling your own products

Provide personalised experiences with relevant offers

Features your users want

AI-powered recommendation engine that matches your products with customers

Notifications for new offers and a direct link to product onboarding

Built with love for developers

We are working hard to bring our awesome new Financial Recommendations service to you. Want to be the first one to get it?

Can be customized to offer various financial products

The Financial Recommendations service can improve the digital sales efficiency for a wide range of financial products, including:



Basic subscription
250 / month
  • Updates and technical support
  • 50c per monthly active user
  • Customization upon request
  • No active users included in package


Basic subscription
750 / month
  • Including 1.5k monthly active users
  • Updates and technical support
  • 35c per each additional monthly active user
  • Customization upon request


Fully customised
Custom / month
  • Including custom number of monthly active users
  • Updates and technical support
  • Customization upon request

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