The easiest way to build sustainable finances for your customers


One of the most revolutionary Fintechs in Finland: FORBES (2019)

Who we work with

Our customers are companies that build successful end-user solutions and accelerate the change towards innovative sustainable finances

Our partners provide capabilities to enhance our offering and help us create wholistic E2E solutions for our customers

A fully integrated suite for sustainable financial services

We bring together everything that’s required to build sustainable financial services. Bankify’s products empower marketplaces, fintechs, retail banks and other financial institutions to increase revenues and drive user engagement.

Through our partners we harness the power of Open Banking to provide new insights for money management, personalized services and access to previously inaccessible products.

We aggregate product and customer affordability data in order to provide personalized comparisons and tailor the recommendations on actions towards sustainable financial health.

SaaS Platform with use cases and API based services

We provide our products through a Platform with API-based services that we combine into use cases to increase revenues and improve the customer experience. All our solutions are built to seamlessly integrate with existing applications of financial institutions or act as building blocks for developing new ones.

User-centric services enabled by the latest technology to help you gain market advantage

Seamless and hassle-free integration

Faster time to market with ready made services

SaaS model provides low risk and cost flexibility

Focus on financial health and sustainability provides competitive edge

Our use cases

Built with love for developers

All our services come with comprehensive developer friendly documentation.

Highly user-centric approach

Bankify’s services and use cases are built with focus on the end user. Our goal is to make your user’s journey simple, frictionless and joyful

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