Virtual vaults for personalized financial goals

A simple way for users to kick-start their saving or investing journey by setting clear goals

Why Bankify's Financial Goals?

Increase the users' motivation to save or invest

Utilize gamified, educative and social elements

Empower users to save or invest and decrease the barrier to get started

Features your users want

Users can create financial goals and put money aside

Gamified progress towards the goal is shown to the user

Notifications to increase user engagement and retention

Add and withdraw any amount at any time from the goal

Financial products this service can be linked to

The Financial Goals service can be linked to various products, including:

Built with love for developers

Take a look at the API documentation for Financial Goals and see how the service works.



Basic subscription
250 / month
  • Updates and technical support
  • 50c per monthly active user
  • Customization upon request
  • No monthly active users included


Basic subscription
750 / month
  • Including 1.5k monthly active users
  • Updates and technical support
  • 35c per each additional monthly active user
  • Customization upon request


Fully customised
Custom / month
  • Including custom amount of monthly active users
  • Updates and technical support
  • Customization upon request

Use cases built with this service

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