Cloud-based OCR digitization service

Our clients love the Smart Scanner

Bankify’s services have truly added value to our existing service and the continuous development process has been smooth.

Niklas Elomaa

CEO, Mobify

Why Bankify's Smart Scanner

No manual input

The scanner detects all the required information from financial documents

Fast & accurate

Our scanner increases the speed and accuracy of data up to 10x

Highly scalable & customizable

One scanner for all kinds of financial documents

Smart Scanner is a cloud-based OCR service with numerous features:

Scan and extract info from receipts, invoices, bills and more

Multiple export methods (JSON, CSV, Excel & others)

The AI powered scanner is trained to detect multiple formats and languages

Barcode, text and multiple line detection

Fast and efficient addition of support for new languages and formats

Integration of custom enterprise rules to check outputs against company requirements

Built with love for developers

Take a look at the API documentation and see how you can seamlessly and rapidly integrate Smart Scanner into your own applications and corporate decision making systems.

Try it yourself

Download the sample receipts & invoices and try scanning them with our demo web app.



Basic subscription
250 / month
  • Updates and technical support
  • 15c per API call
  • Customization upon request
  • No API calls included in package


Basic subscription
750 / month
  • Including 5k API calls
  • Updates and technical support
  • 12c per each additional API call
  • Customization upon request


Fully customised
Custom / month
  • Including custom amount of API calls
  • Updates and technical support
  • Customization upon request

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