Social feed for your finance application

Enable your users to build a community where they can learn from each other, share tips and get targeted partner content.

According to our user research, one of the biggest motivations for the younger segments to engage with digital solutions is social influence. Hence, a social feed is imperative in any finance application to motivate, encourage and inspire users and as a result, keep them engaged.

Packed with features


Users can post their financial tips and questions on the feed.

Targeted content

Targeted partner / 3rd party content shown based on gathered data.

Likes and comments

Users can make comments and like each others’ posts.

We love developers <3

With our API, you can integrate the social feed into your own application and cut down on development time


Elastic Social Feed


Billed monthly

Let's make progress together

Great products are built from even greater components

Markus Raito

Product Owner, Head of Marketing

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