At Bankify, we specialise in creating user-centric banking products that are easy for our customers to implement. Our microservices are created specifically to cater to the needs of digital native millennials and Gen Z’s, who expect more from their financial applications.

Delivery models

The microservices can be delivered individually
or combined as a set for customised solutions.


The microservices can be easily implemented into an existing application through APIs or SDKs.

White Label

We provide state of the art white label applications with a customisable set of features.


A personalised saving goal and plan

A simple way for users to kick-start their saving journey, by setting numerous small saving goals

  • Gamified, educative and social elements 
  • Strategic notifications to increase retention 
  • Increases saving and investing incentives 
  • The goals and progress can be shared in any channel 

Automated savings

Customisable, data-driven automatic savings

Automatic saving deposits that are linked to transactions

  • Based on behavioural patterns
  • Personalised saving rules
  • Decreases the barriers to start saving
  • Introduces social aspects to saving behaviour
Bankify Automated Savings

Data intelligence

A recommendation engine to increase user experience

Personalised recommendations based on customer insights.

  • Enriched user data
  • Can be linked with 3rd party APIs 
  • Creates a personalised experience

Group payments

A hassle-free way for communities to manage expenses

Enables users to pool money and handle shared costs through a virtual card account

  • Increases transparency through cross-platform sharing  
  • Increases transactions and brand exposure through social sharing
  • Ideal for groups, such as sports clubs and societies
  • Increased user acquisition and engagement


Increased user experience

Gives users the freedom to personalise their profiles, goals and accounts

  • Increases engagement through customised photos, emojis and GIFs
  • Attach media to saving goals and accounts
  • All personalisation data is stored on the public Blinky server
  • Eliminates issues regarding the separation of private and public data

AI scanner

An efficient and smart scanner for financial documents

Decreases manual work significantly, as the AI scanner recognises financial data

  • Accurate and efficient scanning of receipts, invoices, bills, etc
  • Up to 10x increased speed of data input
  • Customised reports can be exported

Cost Split

A simple way to split costs

A smart cost split functionality with cross-platform payment links

  • A fast and convenient way for users to split costs
  • Can be integrated directly into transactions
  • Can be combined with Blinky’s AI receipt scanner for increased user experience

Social feed

An interactive feed for user created content and targeted advertisements

Creates an engaging peer-to-peer community

  • A platform for P2P advising, questions and discussion
  • Increases engagement through upvoting, commenting and saving features
  • Excellent communication channel for up-selling and cross-selling
  • A platform to display highly targeted 3rd party merchant content

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