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In the future, ultimately all accounting will be digitized. Therefore it is clear that this evolution will create more opportunities for accounting companies especially in the field efficiency. The benefits of digitalization include additional revenues from digitized concepts, faster document processing, increased work efficiency and accuracy, and of course enhanced loyalty amongst digital customers. 

  • Users can see a clear view of pending and reimbursed expenses as well as have the option to create new expenses.
  • Expenses can be scanned easily with the help of our AI Scanner microservice.
  • Users can add different details to the scanned document.

Our other solutions

SME Finances

Give your SME more time for business through smart financial overview, data automation and personalized user experience.


Encourage users to start investing and give them the opportunity to have other methods of saving besides the traditional way.

Decentralized Finances

Transform your current investment platform to the age of decentralized finances and educate your users about them more efficiently.

Let's get to work!

Markus Raito

 Head of Marketing

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