No manual entering

There are quite a lot of scanning services, but still a minority get the real job done. Bankify’s scanning technology reads receipts and invoices efficiently and conveniently. The smart scanner saves a significant amount of time, resulting in high satisfaction and process efficiency.

  • Reduced manual work which results in increased speed and accuracy of data up to 10x.
  • Improved data gathering.
  • Scanner technology can be easily improved through AI & Machine Learning.
  • User can scan receipts, bills and invoices and can link scanned receipts to transactions.
Instructions for the demo:

(1) Download the following sample receipt here.

(2) Upload the image and insert the following API Key:


(3) Scan the receipt and enjoy the power of our scanner.


Our other solutions

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Let's get to work!

Markus Raito

 Head of Marketing

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