Use cases

Behind every great service there is an even greater use case. We have developed a set of use cases that consume our microservices as the enabling technology.

Enrich your finance application.

No complicated stuff here, just great storytelling by real people. 


Encourage users to start investing and give them the opportunity to have other methods of saving besides the traditional way.

Next-Gen PFM

Create an insightful and truly user-centric customer experience that allows users to manage their finances in a personalized way.

Expense Claim

Bring digitalization closer to your solution in order to create an automatized and hassle-free way of doing accounting.

Digitizing Payments

Get rid of manual expense management with fully digitizing receipts and invoices through machine learning capabilities.

SME Finances

Give your SME more time for business through smart financial overview, data automation and personalized user experience.

Family Finances

Allow parents to teach their kids more about how money works through assigning tasks and saving for a specific goal.

Group Saving

Introduce more social aspects to your application by allowing users to pool money together and save towards a common goal. 

Decentralized Finances

Transform your current investment platform to the age of decentralized finances and educate your users about them more efficiently.

Cash Flow Management

Streamline your cash management process by automating information input and providing a comparable cash flow projection.

On Demand

Is there something we are missing here? It's better to start working now then letting your idea gather dust in the drawer! 


Bring your story to the spotlight

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