Personalized finances

Digital native millennial and post millennial segments have significantly evolved needs in regards to digital financial products. There is so much more to be offered in terms of addressing the user’s needs. This is where Bankify can complement retail banking applications, bring about the following benefits:

  • More issued digital accounts and increasing transactions.
  • Increased engagement and bring more social interaction.
  • Insights on user’s spending behaviors as well as future intentions.
  • Banking product upselling possibilities (loans, cards, etc). 

Our other solutions

Family Finances

Allow parents to teach their kids more about how money works through assigning tasks and saving for a specific goal.

SME Finances

Give your SME more time for business through smart financial overview, data automation and personalized user experience.

Expense Claim

Bring digitalization closer to your solution in order to create an automatized and hassle-free way of doing accounting.

Let's get to work!

Markus Raito

 Head of Marketing

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