Simple investing

Only 30% of Millennials invest and 65% want gamification that helps them learn more about how and where to invest, in addition to keeping them engaged with their portfolio. This is just one example of evidence, that millennials require trustworthy advice as well as encouraging and engaging services in order to start investing. With gamified and educative elements brought into the investment or banking application, financial institutions can retain and acquire more customers from the digital native segments.

  • User has a learning environment in which the user can optional learn the basics of investing by investing “fake money”.
  • Dashboard accomplishes a view of user’s investment goals and the collective performance of each goal on a time-period of their choosing.
  • Details of investment include the performance of the goal, investment products and the automated investment rules associated with this goal.
  • Users can explore the complete list of investment products available. The user can tap on the product for details and add it to their watchlist .

Our other solutions

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Markus Raito

 Head of Marketing

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