Save money together

Social interaction has been a lacking area within financial applications. This is a shame as social applications are the most innovative and powerful in interpreting user behavior. Combining virtual payments and cards can bring about interactive features that match the current standards of Millennial and Gen-Z users for their applications.

  • Add friends and different items to your group.  
  • Share a cross-platform link that allows users to pool money more conveniently from e.g. relatives.
  • See the saving progress and activities of every group member.
  • Contribute to the common goal through preferred paying method as well as create personalized saving rules.

Our other solutions

Digitizing Payments

Get rid of manual expense management with fully digitizing receipts and invoices through machine learning capabilities.

Next-Gen PFM

Create an insightful and truly user-centric customer experience that allows users to manage their finances in a personalized way.


Encourage users to start investing and give them the opportunity to have other methods of saving besides the traditional way.

Let's get to work!

Markus Raito

 Head of Marketing

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