Decentralized finances

Cryptocurrencies have gained significant amounts of popularity in the last decade. There are over 5000 cryptocurrencies out there and it is no wonder, that investing in such virtual instruments can be intimidating. Even though crypto investing may seem terrifying to some, others see great opportunities in this sector. Investing in cryptocurrency can be educative and fun through great investing experiences. For financial institutions, there lies a huge potential in expanding services to this territory and for the existing crypto trading platforms it is an even better opportunity to enhance their current solution with the help of blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain integration with Waves Platform.
  • Real-time balance update and transaction creation.
  • PayPal integration can be developed allowing users to easily use their PayPal account to buy the cryptocurrency coins.
  • Custom integration with AWS platform – powered with SMS verification and email verification.
Instructions for the demo:
User ID: BankifyTest
Pincode: 12345678

Our other solutions

Family Finances

Allow parents to teach their kids more about how money works through assigning tasks and saving for a specific goal.

Digitizing Payments

Get rid of manual expense management with fully digitizing receipts and invoices through machine learning capabilities.


Encourage users to start investing and give them the opportunity to have other methods of saving besides the traditional way.

Let's get to work!

Markus Raito

 Head of Marketing

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